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Looking for work? Facing barriers to employment? 


If you are a person with a disability or mental health challenge looking for work, AccessWork is a FREE program to help you find--and keep—a part-time job as quickly as possible. By working one-on-one with a Job Coach and attending skills-building workshops tailored to your individual needs, you will gain the knowledge, confidence, and independence to make informed decisions about your future.

* Receive ongoing support and career advice from trained Job Coaches

* Meet with your coach in-person, online, and on-site at workplace visits

* Get clear on your strengths, goals, and values

* Explore jobs and customized positions that honour your strengths

* Attend workshops

* Craft a winning resume and cover letter

* Attend mock interviews

* Receive help with short-term certificate training, transportation, and more!

* Access workplace supports and assistive technology

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