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Employer Tips and Supports

Learn more about our top 4 tips for hiring and supervising participants taking part in AccessWork and beyond.

1. Adopt and promote inclusive language in all your materials

  • By integrating inclusive language into messaging about your hiring process and supervising strategies, you'll take steps towards creating a more accessible workplace. 

  • Address each candidate in the appropriate way by respectfully asking them how they'd like to be addressed.

Person holding up a sign reading "Hello My Pronouns Are" written in rainbow colors

3. Conduct your interviews inclusive

Job Interview

4. Accommodating students with disabilities in the workplace

Workplace accommodations vary depending on each situation. The Job Accommodation Network has an extensive list of accommodation examples per category. Students are the experts in knowing what can help them to enable them to meet your requirements for the job. It is good practice to involve the employee requesting the accommodation. Did you know that 80% of accommodations come at a cost less then $500

Participants and employers will receive support in establishing an accommodation plan that will suit all parties.

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Students of the AccessWork program can count on the on-site support of AccessWork job coaches.

We encourage the employer to engage in ongoing open conversations with the participants directly. However, if problems do arise or both parties are unable to come to an agreement our job coaches are here to help mediate the situation.

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